Eghe Nimose

"I feel music is the last to fail, when if finally fails, everything end." - Eghe Nimose bond with music is evident in his discography, and his lyrics exposes his soul.

Aghayedo Kelvins Eghosa (born March 25, 1983) known professionally as Eghe Nimose, is a Nigerian artist, musician and producer. His dancehall-influenced debut EP "RumbaDub" earned him a great audience, with the top song "Let You Go".

Eghe started off music from childhood in the city of Benin, Edo - Nigeria, but not until he moved to Abuja that he took up music professionally, releasing his first single "She's Bad" in 2017. Since then, he has released several singles, albums, EP's and embraced collaborations with many artists including the American rapper Wordplay T. Jay.

Eghe loves live performances and with his band. His passion daily is to create exciting music that transcends borders, languages and cultures. Mixing traditional African sounds (Highlife, Congolese Rumba, Ndombolo) to create new age sounds. He currently releases music under his record label StarCloud Records.

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